Panduan Perkembangan Pembelajaran Murid

In case any of you are still in the dark over the latest development in the seemingly neverending PBS fiasco, it was recently announced that the Dokumen Standard Prestasi will no longer be in use starting from April 2014. Taking its place is the Panduan Perkembangan Pembelajaran Murid. Students’ progress is gauged based on the four language skills: Listening & Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each skill comes in 6 “Band”s of varying difficulty. I have included the PPPM for Form 1, 2 and 3 below. You can download them and take a look yourself.

PPPM BI Ting.1

PPPM BI Ting.2

PPPM BI Ting.3

Also of importance is the fact that students are no longer required to complete worksheets or “evidences” as proof of their progress. Subsequently, teachers are no longer required to key-in students’ progress onto the online database. What IS required is still unknown at the moment although the common suggestion is for teachers to keep an informal record of students’ progress based on the PPPM. Eventually, the ministry plans to release a document for us to formally report individual student’s achievement.

Finally, we must also keep in mind that Form 3 students are now required to sit for the Peperiksaan Tingkatan 3 or PT3. I have briefly outlined the format for the English paper previously. At the moment, the official word is that the ministry will provide schools with a “question bank” of sorts (in the form of a CD). The CD will have low, moderate and high level questions. Individual schools will then proceed to compile their own version of the exam based on a pre-determined guideline. For example, 5 low-level questions,3 moderate-level questions and 2 high-level questions.

However, this is all subjected to change. We do not know what will happen until it actually happens.  I will update again if there are any new developments. Until then, happy teaching!


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