The Curse – “Character Map”

Here are some “character maps” that my kids made for “The Curse”. This activity is best done shortly after they read the novel as a refresher of the main characters and their relations as well as an excuse to have some fun. 🙂 I chose the characters based on who I think would be able to fit into a single “map” to make the task less confusing for the weaker students.

the curse character map 1 the curse character map 2

I provided them with the photos and the list of characters to include. Since internet is almost non-existent in my school, I had to prepare the photos in advance. But if you teach in an urban school where you have access to a computer lab, you can even get your students to look up and print out the photos themselves. That way they can choose whichever celebrity they like, which will no doubt motivate them even more.


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