Pentaksiran Pusat Menengah Rendah – Bahasa Inggeris

Otherwise known as “English Language Skills Acquisition” or ELSA. Below is the format for the test although it is still up for changes.

Paper 1 (Reading and Writing)

Section A – error identification of a text (20 marks)
– identify and edit grammatical errors in a short written text

Section B – comprehension (20 marks)
– non-linear text of about 150 – 200 words

Section C – comprehension (15 marks)
– linear text of about 300 words

Section D – writing (45 marks)
– short writing task of about 100 words
– long writing task of about 150 – 200 words

Duration – 2 hours

Paper 2 (Speaking)

Section A – reading aloud (10 marks)
– students will read from a contextualised reading text (about 200 words)

Section B – spoken interaction (20 marks)
– students will engage in interactions with two assessors (1 from school, 1 from outside)

Duration – 10 minutes for each candidate, will take place in groups

Paper 3 (Listening)

Section A – MCQ (10 marks)
– listen to recorded text twice and answer 3-option or 4-option MCQ

Section B – limited response (10 marks)
– listen to extended recorded text twice and answer 10 limited response questions

Duration – 30 minutes

*At the moment, the writing assessment will take place sometime in October and the listening/speaking components sometime in August. However, this is only a tentative schedule.

*Summary and literature will NOT be tested although they should still be taught for the purpose of school-level assessments.

Author’s note: To be honest, no one really knows what is going on or what is going to happen later. Our best bet right now would be to teach according to the previous PMR format and this new test, just to be on the safe side. What we can be sure of is that there will definitely be some form of assessment for the Form 3 students before the year is out so we shouldn’t let the students off too easily.


One thought on “Pentaksiran Pusat Menengah Rendah – Bahasa Inggeris

  1. […] keep in mind that Form 3 students are now required to sit for the Peperiksaan Tingkatan 3 or PT3. I have briefly outlined the format for the English paper previously. At the moment, the official word is that the ministry will provide schools with a “question […]

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