Sharing is Caring – PBS Dokumen Standard Prestasi Tingkatan 2

Happy 2013!!! Hope the past 5 days of the new year has been kind to everyone especially since school is always a little crazy in the beginning of the year. ):

2013 marks the second year of PBS (Penilaian Berasaskan Sekolah) as a whole and the first year it will be carried out in Form 2. So for those of u who are just about to jump onto the PBS bandwagon (like urs truly), here are the DSPs to help get u started off on the right foot! ^^

DSP Bahasa Melayu T2

DSP Bahasa Inggeris T2

DSP Matematik T2

DSP Sains T2

DSP Sejarah T2

DSP Geografi T2

DSP Kemahiran Hidup 76 (kemahiran teknikal) T2

DSP Kemahiran Hidup 77 (ERT) T2

DSP Kemahiran Hidup 78 (pertanian) T2

DSP Kemahiran Hidup 79 (perdagangan & keusahawanan) T2

DSP Pendidikan Islam T2

DSP Pendidikan Moral T2




*The DSP will determine the Bands and Levels for a particular subject. Each Level is supposed to have its own assessment task (in the form of handouts that will be kept in students’ individual files after it has been completed). So having a copy of the DSP is really only half the work, next would be to come up with the assessment tasks to correspond with all the Levels.


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