Sharing is Caring – Form 5 Literature Component

These are the “official” notes produced by the Curriculum Development Division for the Form 5 Literature Component. As I have mentioned in last week’s post, these notes consist of a brief introduction into the different literary genres, synopsis of the texts, LOTS of classroom activities (with ready-to-print handouts & worksheets plus answer keys) and assessment tasks (with ideas for projects/portfolios as well as general comprehension questions).

Poetry – Nature

Poetry – Are You Still Playing Your Flute


*Please bear in mind that there are different novels depending on the zone in which your school is located and students are meant to answer the novel question (Section D, Paper 2) based on the novel that was allocated for their zone. However, there are no set rules regarding this issue. As such, should you feel that your students will do better with one of the other novels, you can actually consider a change of text although this should be done only with the approval of your Panel Head (Ketua Panitia), Department Head (Ketua Bidang) and School Administration.

The novels and their respective zones are as follows:

**Unfortunately, the notes for Step by Wicked Step is incomplete because the file that I had was corrupted. If any of you have the original complete pdf version, I would really appreciate it if you can forward a copy to Thank you in advance!

Reminder: You can find the notes for Form 4 Literature Component in last week’s post.These files are hosted here on WordPress itself so you do not need to log into any sharing sites to download them. Leave a comment if you have any trouble downloading the files and I will reupload them. Also, the notes are in the pdf format so you will need the Adobe Reader software to be able to open them.

Note to students/parents: While these notes are originally meant for teachers, I believe they will be useful for self study as well so do have a look at them.



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