SPM English 2012

Paper 1 

Section A – informal letter (advice on how to spend money wisely)

Section B

1) Describe an outing with your friends.

2) Should parents give children more freedom?

3) Saving money for the future.

4) Write a story beginning with: “The teacher walked into the classroom. It was the first period…”

5) Cleanliness

Paper 2

Section D

Poem – Nature

Novel – Write about an event that makes you feel angry.


Most students should be able to do well in Directed Writing. In fact, Continuous Writing seems quite alright as well although the last question is a bit narrow, in my opinion, in terms of the things that you can cover. The final question for Continuous Writing from previous years were mostly words with multiple interpretations (such as “stars”), common ideas that students can easily elaborate on (such as “music” and “food”) or slightly abstract concepts (such as “beauty” and “peace”).

There’s nothing much to be said regarding the poem although I believe most of us were aiming for “Are you still playing your flute?” The novel question however, took me by surprise. At first glance, I myself can hardly think of an event from the novels that is negative enough to invoke feelings of anger. On top of that, students will have to justify why/how the event they chose made them feel angry. Also, being associated with anger means that the events that students can choose are limited to the negative ones whereas I believe most teachers tend to focus on the positive aspects of a novel.

Any thoughts on this year’s SPM English paper? Share them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “SPM English 2012

  1. Fadhli Mufti says:

    Hey any news about the coming SPM?

    From what I have collected:

    Paper 1
    Section A: Report or Article
    Section B: Mostly about social networking: facebook

    Paper 2
    Poem: Flute or Eyes
    Novel: Unable to think any maybe- moral values

    Source: Personal analysis- based on 8 Mock Exams from 7 different states in Malaysia + SBP Mock Exam.

    Care to share too. At the moment I’m putting these things all together first. Update me pls thanks 🙂

    • poem will most probably be He Had Such Quiet Eyes or Are You Still Playing Your Flute? but to be on the safe side, i would revise In The Midst of Hardship and Nature as well, at least once before the exam. 🙂

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