Directed Writing – Article

Article is by far, the least complicated essay in terms of format as it has only 2 components:

1. title

2. writer’s name

Additional tips:

1. Imagine what an article in a newspaper or magazine would look like in terms of layout and you will roughly have an idea of how to position the title as well as the by-line.

Typically, the title is written at the top of the page in the centre with capital letters and underlined.

For example,

The Title of This Article

The by-line can be written either right after the title of the article or at the end of the article on the right.

For example,

The Title of This Article

Written by Adrian Ng



The Title of This Article


                                                                                                                                                                      Written by

Adrian Ng

 2. Much like a speech, an article often revolves around a particular aspect of a topic, be it the causes, effects, advantages etc. As such, an article should start off with a general overview of the topic before going into the main aspect being discussed. Again, newspaper and magazine articles are great examples of how we should go about structuring the content of an article.

3. Another “trick” that we can learn from newspaper and magazine articles is the use of interesting titles. In real life publication, this is used to capture readers’ attention. In an exam, this can help to bring up one’s overall language marks. Better students should be given some practice in this area. (For weaker students, a suitable title can often be found in the question itself.)

For example,

You recently attended a leadership camp organised by your school. At the camp, one of your friends was chosen as best camper. You have been asked to write an article about your friend for your school magazine. (SPM 2008)

Standard title – Best Camper

“Interesting” title – Today Camper, Tomorrow Leader

*While the aim is to be interesting, titles should still be relevant to the topic of the essay and not just blindly dramatic.


One thought on “Directed Writing – Article

  1. PH says:

    Thanks. The title should read “Today’s Camper, Tomorrow’s Leader”

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