Directed Writing – Report

In terms of format, a report has 3 important elements.

1. recipient (to whom is the report addressed?)

2. title (what is the report about?)

3. signature (who prepared the report?)

1, 2 & 3 should be aligned to the left of the page.

Additional tips:

1. Depending on the question, the recipient of the report may or may not be stated. Students can therefore, choose between inserting a recipient whom they think is appropriate for the question or leave it out entirely. (Since most of the questions in this section refers to school-related scenarios, the default recipient would therefore, be the Principal.)

2. Since a report is usually meant to cover an event or activity, the title of the report should reflect this.


Your school recently organised a charity run to raise funds for the local orphanage. As the Secretary of the organising committee, write a report to the Principal about the event.

To: Principal, SMK Melawati

Title: Charity Run *this is the programme you are meant to report on

3. The signature of the person who prepared the report is usually followed by his/her role or position.

*please refer to the question above

Prepared by,




Organising Committee,

Charity Run SMK Melawati 2012.

4. As mentioned earlier, a report typically revolves around an event or activity. As such, the first paragraph of a report should be dedicated to providing basic details on the event. For example, the date, time and venue as well as the number of participants, the objectives of the programme etc. These could sometimes be given (or requested) as part of the content points.


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